The History of the Classic Coasters

Inspired by the Lobster Boats

The CLASSIC COASTER is inspired by the Lobster Boat as common fishing tool at the eastern seaboard of Canada and the United States. This type is a seagoing allrounder for approaching remotely located lobster traps at any kind of weather. Fast and yet allowing precise maneuvering at slow motion in narrow ports. Rapid weather changes with rough sea at wind against tide conditions require a sturdy boat providing shelter. For handling the lobster traps offshore, the fishermen rely on a spacy aft deck serving as stable working platform. These practical features evolved from the famous Lobster Boat went into the CLASSIC COASTER: with a carefully chosen deadrise and the cantilevered bow merging into the elegantly shaped tumblehome of the rear.

Lobster Boat on the Maine coast

Classic Coaster 38′

Lobster Boat on the Maine coast

Classic Coaster 30′